12 Month Checkup

Noah had his 12 month checkup this past weekend. Here are his current stats:

  • Weight: 22 lbs (70th percentile)
  • Height: 30 in. (75th percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 46.5 (51st percentile)

Noah had 4 shots at his visit! He cried for a bit but once it was over, he was fine. Dr. Dong also wanted us to get Noah tested for lead, anemia and 2 types of Hep B. These will require blood tests, which I am not looking forward to having them stick Noah with a needle to draw blood…and we’ll have to do this 4 different times! At least the doctor said for us to take our time getting these tests completed.

Overall Noah is in good health and developing nicely…she even said he is advanced in his learning but not sure if she just says that to all the parents to make them feel good. (Haha).

She did tell us to start weaning Noah off from drinking from the bottle and into a sippy cup. He already uses a sippy cup to drink water so I’m hoping he will take it without too much problems.

At Noah’s party, I briefly asked about starting Noah on cow’s milk and she said she preferred to keep Noah on formula until he is at least 1 ½ years old. She says that cow’s milk doesn’t have the iron that formula does and that babies end up becoming anemic. (While writing this post, I decided to “google” organic milk and realized that milk has 0% iron, I didn’t know this). Plus she said that cow’s milk isn’t that “clean” but if we were to start, make sure we use organic milk. Daycare already started mixing formula and cow’s milk and Noah seems to be taking it fairly well. At home I am still giving formula only.

Next check up will be at 15 months.

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Weekend Getaway

Meant to post this a few weeks ago.

Since Jon & Noah’s birthdays are in June and so is Father’s Day (Kona’s in July), we thought it would be nice if we all went away for long weekend up north to see the giant redwood trees. Noah seems to like trees a lot and well Kona likes to smell them so we figure they will have fun.

One of the destinations that we wanted to take Noah was to the Drive Thru Tree which Jon & I went to when we first dated. In searching on their website, I found the Big Bend Lodge which has relative inexpensive rates and had two cabins that were dog friendly. This place is pretty remote – no Internet, TV or air conditioning (have ceiling fans we found out when we arrived) & cell service was spotty. No room service or food (you have to bring & cook your own) but a fully stocked kitchen, a grill outside, private beach, inner tubing and rafting along the Eel River. This was a place to truly get away from all the day- to-day stuff! Based on the rates and last minute weekend availability, I decided to book it.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

Kona gets a friend (Birdie) to play with

Relaxing by the river

Eel River

Enjoying a short hike

Time for some deep thinking…or at least that’s what the pic looks like

Kona just chillin’

Noah enjoying the tire swing

Need to tell him no feet on the table

Hmm..getting into trouble??

Those are some tall trees!

Hold on tight Noah

Family pic at the Drive thru Tree

Got to go visit Legend of Bigfoot

We had a great time!  Kona definitely probably had the best time since there were 4 other dogs there to play with her and she got to be outside for two whole days!  The people who run/own the lodge were super friendly.  Definitely would go back next year!

More pics here.

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Noah Turns One!

June 16, 2011

June 16, 2012

Can’t believe a year has already gone by and Noah is already one. Here are some highlights as to what this little man can do:

  • Walking – much more confident in walking and prefers to walk now more than crawl
  • Standing up on his own without grabbing on anything and walk. He can also turn around and go in the opposite direction
  • He can wave “bye” but needs to see you waving first
  • Imitating words that you say like when I say “Uh Oh”, he’ll copy you. He’s trying to say “Kona” too.
  • Opening cabinets…and he even opened the oven door and dishwasher door (yikes!) We’ve installed latches on the cabinets but still need to get locks for the oven and dishwasher.
  • Loves to climb, whether it’s stairs, chairs, playpen, crib…and even Jon. If Jon is lying down, he’ll climb over him and then go back. He’ll keep doing that until you stop him.
  • Eating table food. I’ve stopped pureeing his food and is now giving him small cut up pieces of food. Slowly giving him food we eat (less salt) – so much nicer to not have to cook two meals but when we go out, I still bring food for him since I’m not that comfortable giving him restaurant food yet especially Asian food since it probably has MSG but I’ll give him bread or bland veggies. He likes to feed himself with his hands, not so good with picking up food with the spoon yet but can place the spoon up to his mouth.

Noah is so lucky; he got to have two birthday parties – one at his daycare and of course one we threw for him. We decided to throw a party for him outdoors at Orange Memorial Park. It was close by and it’s where we take Kona to since they have a fenced in dog park.

The weather turned out perfect – actually a little on the warm side but luckily where we were had shade and a nice breeze. I hope everyone had a good time. The only thing I wished was that I got to catch up with everyone more but the time flew by so fast.

Here are a few pictures from Noah’s birthday.

Letting the hands have a taste first

Getting every last bit

Morning birthday balloon surprise

Crocheted vest by Mawre

He’s rich!

Rody the Horse birthday present from Auntie Janet

Enjoying his trike

Two Cuties on their Trike (That’s Ella)

Family picture (should have grabbed Kona too)

Mmm more cake

Birthday boy all tuckered out

More birthday (and other) pictures on flickr.

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Your First Birthday

Son you have been hanging out with us for nearly a year now and it has been a nonstop party.  I haven’t been this sleep deprived since college. We have covered a lot of ground you and I but it suddenly occurred to me that I have never told you about the day you were born. Seeing as how you are already eyeing that birthday cake, I think it is time you know exactly what you are celebrating.

June 16, 2011 I was in Sacramento, CA for a work conference. Your due date was still a couple of weeks away and your mother wasn’t set for maternity leave for another week so I didn’t really feel terribly bad for being away for one night. I had checked in with your mother while I was on the road just to make sure she was ok.  Aside from contractions, which had become the norm at this point in the pregnancy, she was feeling ok. I told her to keep me in the loop and to not hesitate in calling the doctor if things began to progress.

It was hot in Sacramento, at least twenty degrees hotter than when I left SF. I took a quick lap around the hotel to scope out where I needed to be the next day and then I went out into the heat to forage for food. I found a hamburger joint down the block, ordered, and decided to take my food back to my room where I could relax in the air condition while avoiding the awkwardness of eating in the restaurant alone.

Back at the hotel I did a quick flip through the channels before apathetically leaving it on a TBS airing of Twilight, an obnoxiously silly movie about vampires that sparkle when exposed to sunlight rather than bursting into flames like any self-respecting creature of the night should do. I can only hope that years later when you are actually able to read this history will have buried this travesty of the horror genre so deep that you will have to dig through 12 layers of Brendan Fraser Mummy movies and at least one Fright Night remake to get to it.

The vampire’s soon to be love interest had barely been given a chance to display her requisite teen angst when I was interrupted by a phone call from your mother.   Answering the phone, I could hear anxiety in her voice.

“Umm… I think something is happening”, she said after the customary hellos.

“What do you mean something is wrong”, I replied with a twinge of panic.

“I went to the bathroom and there is blood.”

“Did your water break?” I had been consumed with visions of this happening ever since we took a baby birthing class. Secretly, I had wanted her to work for as long as possible in the hopes that her water would break in the office and not on our shiny wood floors at home. I wasn’t sure how acceptable it would have been to stall our trip to the hospital long enough for me to mop up the mess.

“I don’t think so.  Just a trickle.” She admitted out loud without entirely admitting it to herself. I told her that I was pretty sure that either trickle or flood the end results were the same. But rather than press the issue I asked her to update our doctor on what was happening then call me back right away to let me know what we should do.

At this point I was in the midst of a controlled panic. Physically I was at least two hours away from San Francisco by car and it was rush hour so who knew what that might add to the trip. I didn’t wait for the call back. I gathered up my belongings and tore down to the lobby.  Checking out might not involve more than leaving my room key at the front desk but I thought that retrieving my car in a timely fashion might be a bigger issue so my first stop was to the curbside valet.

Who knows what went through that kid’s mind when a crazed man dragging half packed bags in one had and an uneaten bacon cheeseburger in the other ran up telling him that it was an emergency and I needed my car right away but the look of fear on his face told me that at least he was taking me seriously. I heard him radioing his buddy to bring my car around as I ran back inside to check out.

All told roughly 10 minutes had passed since your mother’s call and I was already on the road. Her next call came a few minutes later. “Doctor said that I am probably in early labor but it might not happen for a day or two.  It is up to you if you want to come home or not.” How could I sit in a hotel room watching heart throbbing vampire flicks while she was at home dealing with mucus plugs falling out, trickling amniotic fluid, and a never ending succession of evenly spaced menstrual cramps from hell?

She sounded relieved that I was already on my way.

Other than my cheeseburger hand eventually finding its way to my mouth, the drive home was uneventful. Rush hour didn’t slow me down a bit and I made it back to San Francisco in half the time it had taken me to just cross the bridge that morning.

I made such good time in fact that I didn’t even bother checking in with your mother the entire drive.  Believing that I was still at least an hour away, she had called in your uncle Peter as a back-up just in case I didn’t make it but she was able to call him off when I arrived just a few minutes later.

The hospital was very close. We arrived there and we’re checked into our room around 8:30. This is when the fun began. Your mother put on her hospital gown and a nurse checked to see how far along she was. “Only 4cm dilated”, she said. “You have a ways to go.”

There must have been something about being in the hospital that hastened her labor because one minute your mother looked like this:

And the next minute she looked like this:

The nurse had said it was too early for an epidural but your mother was clearly in pain so I tried to convince the nurse to give her something in the meantime. After about 45 minutes of your mother doubled over crying someone actually came in to check on her.  The look on the nurse’s face when she realized that your mother had gone from 4 cm to a full 10cm in such a short time was priceless.  “You are ready to start pushing!”

I asked her if now would be a good time for an epidural and she replied “Oh it is too late for that.”. Now son here is something you need to understand. Early on we had decided that your mother was going to drug herself up as much as possible to avoid any of the pain of labor. I had even considered getting an epidural myself just in case I stated to have sympathy pains. But you were suddenly in so much of a hurry to get into this world that we couldn’t even get an aspirin. Your mother was less than pleased by this but you didn’t give her much time to dwell on it.

The nurse left the room in a hurry only to return with half a dozen other people.  None of which was a doctor.  Apparently the staff had thought that your mother would be in labor for hours yet and hadn’t thought that contacting a physician was yet necessary. Now they had a look of panic as they tried to figure out what was going to happen. Your mother had progressed so quickly that it was if they were half expecting you to come shooting out at 40 miles per hour.  It wouldn’t have surprised me if one of them had shoved a catcher’s mitt into my hands and told me to be ready for a fastball.

Everything from here on out is a blur. The doctor arrived eventually (probably about a half hour later) and your mom started to push. I was her coach so I held her hand while we both too deep breathes and counted to 10 while she tried to push you out. In between contractions the nurse would say remarkably helpful things like “I can’t believe you are doing this without meds.  Doesn’t it hurt? It looks like it hurts a lot.” She also kept trying to convince me to watch your progress. Whenever I would take a peek your mother would ask me if you were almost here. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that at the rate you were coming it looked as if you might be born by the time you were 16 years old.

But eventually you made your way out. By 1 am on June 16, 2011 you were here and what a bloody mess you were.

As the nurse cleaned you up your mother asked me, “did that really just happen?” I told her that I hope it did because I would hate to find out which of us had just had such a horrifying dream. A few minutes later you were swaddled and resting in your mother’s arms. As she gazed lovingly into your crying eyes your mother turned to me and said, “I am glad we had him now because we should be out of the hospital in time to watch the season premiere of True Blood.” (True Blood was a proper vampire show where the undead had the decency to explode into flames in sunlight rather then merely sparkle.  You and I can watch that together one day if you want.)

Happy birthday son, then and now. Let’s make it an annual thing.



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More Half Moon Bay Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from our HMB trip.

Noah decides to give a rock a taste

Then he decides to taste sand

Kona enjoying the beach

Me and the kids

The ocean view

Kite flying (not ours)

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Half Moon Bay

Here are a few pictures from our one day trip to Half Moon Bay over Memorial Day Weekend

A few interesting things

Beach Play & Lunch at It’s Italia (has outside patio so dog friendly)

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Work & Family – A Quick Update


As for my work, our company unfortunately had layoffs in September 2011 and at the end of January…my department was hit both times. The first time back in September when I was still on maternity leave, my coworker & boss called to tell me that one of our production coordinators was let go (I’ve mentioned him before, he was the one that offered to sell me his son’s crib/stroller). This was not good news to hear, sad for my coworker and concerned for my job as well since I also found out that two other work acquaintances – one which I worked closely with on one title was let go but that was because our company decided to close one of our publications and the other acquaintance I didn’t work with but we’ve come to know each other because we were both pregnant and due about the same time, even though she took maternity leave a month earlier than I did.  Both these ladies that were let go were both new mothers and just recently returned from maternity leave (see my concern for myself). I figure the company is thinking if my department managed without me for a couple months already, that maybe they didn’t need me but luckily I am still safe and still have my job. Upon my return to work in October, I found out that one of the ladies was actually hired back but only on a contract basis so whenever we see each other, we talk about our babies since they were only born a day apart.

Our most recent layoff in our department at the end of January was also one of our production coordinators, Dan (amongst others in other departments). This was especially tough because he is a good guy, he was super nice and helpful. He was the guy I would ask to help me carry all my package deliveries to the car 🙂 but he was a great coworker/friend so it was very sad to see him leave. But the good news is he has found another position and is happy so I’m happy for him and we still keep in touch.

Here’s a picture of Dan with Noah during one of our dinner get togethers:

Looking cute while trying to reach for Dan’s Coke

About the same time, our company also sold our Music group, which were mainly all the titles that I handled (more concern for my position). I forgot to mention that the magazine my company decided to not publish anymore was also handled by me. So now what?? Well a lot of shuffling around of work. I’ve been giving most of the gaming titles and have taken on the production coordinator position in addition to my current one. I’m still learning the process but it’s good to learn something new and add to my skills…one being a Mac which I am still getting used to!

Oh and lastly our office takes up two floors but we’ve been told that we will be only occupying one floor very soon.  Our department which WAS on the 4th floor when I left for maternity leave moved to the 3rd floor after I returned (which I knew about since I came in to pack up my personal stuff since I felt bad that my coworkers would have to do it) so now we’ll have to move back up to the 4th floor by the end of May. Going to get really cozy!


Can’t believe Noah’s almost 11 months old! At his 9 month check up, his stats were:

  • Weight: 19 lbs, 6 oz (27th percentile)
  • Height: 29 in (71st percentile)
  • Head: 45 cm (38th percentile)

We won’t go back to see the pediatrician until he’s a year old but she told us to stop by if we want to get an update on his stats.

So what’s new…& somewhat old by now

  • 7 teeth – 4 on top and 3 on the bottom
  • Crawling at lightning speed…and for some reason loves to hold things in his hand while crawling.  If he “left” it behind during his crawling, he’d turn around and get it and then start the process all over again
  • Starting to stand on his own and take a few steps but still prefers crawling
  • Says “ma-ma” and “da-da” all the time, although we’re not 100% sure if he knows it’s Jon and I
  • Also says “mum-mum” but not sure if he really mean “food” and what sounds like “niy-niy” which is milk in Chinese but not sure too if that’s what he’s saying/asking for
  • Hold his own bottle and can put his pacifier back into his mouth
  • Drinking from a sippy cup, usually just a little bit of water after meals
  • Loves bath time now – loves to splash the water with his hands. Cries when we take him out.  Likes to “splash” in Kona’s water bowl.
  • Has discovered that sweet food, like fruits tastes so much better than vegetables…so we need to mix his vegetables with some fruit for him to eat it. We’ve been lucky that Noah has done well with almost everything he’s eaten with no real side effects.
  • Clapping – he can clap on his own and when you say “clap-clap-clap”
  • Shaking his head when you say “no-no-no”
  • Gives a kiss with his mouth when you say “kiss-kiss”
  • Discovered doors – loves to close the door or swing it back & forth between his hands (pretty coordinated!)

Kona is almost 2. Even though Noah loves her, Kona doesn’t share the same feelings. LOL. But she is not mean to Noah at all; she tries to lick him all the time. Now that Noah is crawling and making all sorts of noises, she’s probably not sure what to make of him so sometimes she just runs away to another room or to her crate.

When we got back from North Carolina during the Christmas holiday, I felt so bad for leaving Kona that I now allow her to sleep on our bed (and yes, Jon is not too happy I let that happen). I do wish I didn’t start because she likes to sleep right up against you and if you try to move over a little, she does the same and even though she’s like 15 lbs, she is dead weight once she’s a sleep so most nights I find myself near the edge of the bed. Guess that’s what I get. She was supposed to sleep at the end of the bed since my feet don’t reach that far! However lately during the middle of the night she would jump off the bed and sleep in her crate and then around early morning she would come out from the crate and jump back up on the bed.

Kona all cuddled up in our bed

Most weekends we try to take Kona out – when it’s good weather, we take her to Fort Funston and usually meet up with my friend, Janet who takes her dog Jasmine there. Kona and Jasmine get along great! Noah has a great time too, he loves seeing all the dogs and looking up at the trees…also something about feeling the wind blowing makes him smile and laugh. Other times we’ll take Kona to our local dog park.

Here’a few pictures of Kona running around in her favorite spot at Fort Funston:

Loves to run around & around in this one path

Does leaps too!

Last but not least, Jon and I. We’re about the same. I think we’re getting more sleep…it really varies but it’s nice to relax a bit on the days we take Noah to my parent’s place. We usually drop him off Sunday night and pick him back up on Tuesday.

Lately we’ve been alternating between them coming over to our place & us dropping him off over there. I spend a lot of my time trying to schedule what food to make for Noah and what new food for him to try. I use my Google calendar to plan out food a few weeks in advance so I know what I need to buy. The process I use is to have Noah try something new every 3 or 4 days to make sure he doesn’t have an allergic reaction. So I try to feed him a new vegetable, then a fruit, a meat, a dairy product (which I think he’s done with since I’ve let him have cheese and yogurt already) and a grain, then I start all over again. I’ve also had him try some spices too – so far – cinnamon, ginger, pepper & garlic powder.

Okay back to Jon and me. Hmm…I’m actually thinking of what to say, haha! Our life is pretty much Noah and Kona. We did have a movie date night not too long ago, yet feels so long ago. We went to watch The Hunger Games. Jon has read the books and I just barely started but the movie was great and we had a good time. Probably need to make another movie night soon to see The Avengers.

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